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Testimonial 5

“I have known Steven Corner for many years and he continues to represent me in a long standing claim against an NHBC guarantee.

This issue has been going on for several years. The remedial action proposed and taken by NHBC was unsuccessful and failed within a few months.

Steve and BEST have shown great tenacity and persistence in pursuing the NHBC and the Management Company to carry out a full and proper investigation of the causes.

His technical knowledge and good record-keeping have highlighted weakness in the investigations and the real source of the problems experienced.

His knowledge of lease conditions and responsibilities of the parties involved have proved invaluable in supporting my claim.”

Tom C.

Testimonial 4

“I am writing in my capacity as Director of Century Wharf RTM 1, 2 AND 3 which contains multiple Blocks of apartment built over a long period of time by different Developers and managed by different Estate Managers during the build periods (poorly).

In spite of all of this, Steven Corner and his team have identified defects and organised successful Claims relating to structural issues on two blocks within RTM 2 against the Zurich Insurance 10-year warranty. That led to a Claim that was originally estimated at £400,000 but once managed and overseen by Steven raised in value to £1.2 million. In addition, the blocks also benefited from a further Certificate of Repair. I would note that not one complaint was received from any Leaseholder in RTM1,2,3 during the extensive works due to the planning and oversight provided by Steven.

A further two claims were raised against the 10-year warranty for a further two blocks within RTM2 which was then heavily challenged. In spite of every possible obstructive tactic by the warranty company and their loss adjustors the Claims were finally approved this year totalling £535,000.

There are now a further and final two claims within RTM3 which are ongoing.

None of these Claims would have been raised or had a successful outcome if not for Steve and his tenacity, can-do attitude and passionate approach to protecting Leaseholders from the impact of Developer or Warranty negligence.”

Stephen K.

Testimonial 3

“I am writing with a testimonial in my capacity as a Leaseholder and a Director of the Management Company at The Picture House in Streatham. When we originally reached out to BEST we were aware of a many years old issue relating to water ingress and felt we had nowhere to turn especially as the 10-year Build warranty had expired, the relationship with the Freeholder had broken down and the original Builder had gone out of business.

You and your team investigated the site and its history. You located long lost architect plans from the original architect and through Leaseholders were able to identify three previous claims made against the 10-year warranty and then successfully re-open them. In addition, you successfully increased the value of an insurance pay-out and negotiated extensions for loss of rent cover for those Leaseholders sub-letting. BEST also identified various issues with the building from the design and build stage which are now also being corrected to future-proof the block.

This project was very complex as the building contains Grade 2 listed elements, commercial units, and involved the local authority. Your company is overseeing the entire project, the complexities of which are well beyond the capabilities of most of the parties involved to fully understand. Your services included the use of your recommended architect, chartered surveyors, expert witness, solicitor, and, third party contractors to carry out works, who have also all provided a fantastic service. You also updated the Leaseholders and contributed to our Leaseholder meetings and communications keeping everyone in the loop and getting everyone motivated to support us.

I cannot overstate how much we have relied on you to help us through the maze we found ourselves having to navigate and how helpful you have been. I am very happy to recommend you and your company wholeheartedly and would be happy to speak to anyone considering your services to confirm the opinion I have stated in this testimonial.”

Martin C.

Testimonial 2

“I am writing in my capacity as a resident of and RMC Director for Ffordd James McGhan/The Straits – an Estate of 8 blocks of residential apartments and Houses. I and my fellow residents were unaware of any issues that the blocks and site were suffering from until they were identified and pointed out by Steve Corner/BEST. We also did not understand the process of how to make claims and were not getting any support from the Estate Management Company who had in fact been put in charge by the Builder.

Following a recommendation, we hired BEST who then compiled a list of symptoms across the site and explained what these symptoms could mean and why they needed further investigation. Although it was a shock at the time to hear the news, we were confident and reassured by Steve and his team. Steve was also able to advise and assist us with changing Managing Agents as they were being obstructive to the Claims process.

Following the investigations by BEST and their experts we were shocked to see that Steve’s initial concerns were correct – the Estate had suffered subsidence.

BEST have raised multiple NHBC Claims for the structural cracking, subsidence, road damage and drains. NHBC are now paying for all necessary investigations for the structural elements of the Claims having accepted the reports from BEST.

In addition to the structural problems, BEST was concerned about the fire safety in the blocks even though the Risk Assessments had passed. We listened to the advice and paid for a site-wide survey which uncovered major fire safety failures in each block. This has now resulted in another claim against the NHBC policy. The fire safety issues would never have been found without the care and support from BEST.

The 10-year warranty has since expired on some blocks and as such we are grateful to have caught all these major issues in time. We would also point out that at the time of BEST’s engagement a legal Claim against the Builder was out of time but that did not deter Steve and BEST. They were able to engage with the Builder directly and successfully. This has ended up being a success as the Builder has in some circumstances overruled the NHBC to push the Claims to a successful outcome, which has been important when dealing with fire safety matters. The Builder is also paying for their own investigations of the cracking and subsidence in addition to the NHBC which is all being overseen by BEST.

Without the help of Steve and his team we would potentially have been left with millions of pounds worth of damage which would be payable by us in full. The RTM and residents are very grateful for BEST and would recommend them in an instant. I am first and foremost a resident and had no idea that all these issues and problems could even happen in the first place!”

Marcin W.

Testimonial 1

“I write in my capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Quayside Management Company Limited (QMCL), the RMC for a development of 72 apartments plus 5 commercial units located in Cardiff Bay, South Wales.

Since my appointment in 2016 the Board have been faced with a number of issues relating to both inherent defects in the building and of course the aftermath of legislation relating to Grenfell. This presented inexperienced Directors with the challenge of dealing with the original developers (Bellways), NHBC and the appointed Estate Managers (Warwick Estates) and we recognised that professional assistance was needed.

Steven Corner was already known to myself and other Directors and was invited to present the protocol of his Company, BEST Limited, in respect of addressing the various issues at Quayside. These included Water Ingress, to both individual apartments and common areas, Fire Compartmentation/ General Fire Safety through the whole development. Since contracting with BEST, QMCL have been introduced to expert witness Surveyors and Solicitors to pursue a number of claims and act on our behalf in respect of ACM (cladding) replacement. BEST have also been instrumental in achieving success in a number of claims against the Developers and NHBC, with others still in progress.

As an individual, Steven takes his commitment to Quayside very seriously and communicates forcibly on our behalf to get results. He approaches issues from a strategic perspective, consults with the Board with explanations/recommendations sand thereafter maintains contact with the Developers / NHBC / Management Company with a tenacity that demands a response.

I would regard Steven to be a great advocate for us as his clients, a fearsome foe against adversaries and a thorn in the flesh to any Company that obfuscates progress.

His knowledge across a range of similar building developments locally and further afield enables cross referencing of common defects has been extremely useful to QMCL.”

Doug R.